Best master's thesis

Anders Orsten Flaglien og Raju Shrestha

Anders Orsten Flaglien and Raju Shrestha were awarded for best Master's Thesis within information security and media technology during 2010.

-This is incredibly motivating for further work, the winners exclaim. They finished their master thesis this spring at Master in Information Security  and Master in Media Technology

Color imaging

In his master thesis «Conceiving a fast and practical multispectral-stereo system», Raju Shrestha has analyzed an innovative approach to achieving multispectral images in a stereoscopic configuration, using commercially available equipment. -I have worked hard and was extremely happy when I was awarded this prize, Raju says. Raju is now a PhD-student at The Norwegian Color Research Laboratory  at Gjøvik University College.
-Raju has delivered an outstanding piece of research, which combines substantial knowledge from two distinct research areas within the field of colour imaging. The analysis and the corresponding discussions are insightful, and the report is well written, showing a high degree of maturity, professor Rune Hjelsvold emphasized. The master thesis has resulted in one conference paper at the EUSIPCO 2010 conference in August in Aalborg, Denmark, and a second paper will be presented in January 2011 at the Electronic Imaging Symposium in San Francisco, California, US.


Anders Orsten Flaglien was awarded the prize for the master thesis «Cross-computer malware detection in digital forensics». The thesis deals with solutions to identify abnormal patterns of malicious computer code associated with botnets and methods to streamline the detection of botnet code in a forensics context. -I think I've been privileged to work on a thesis that is both challenging and exciting, Anders says .
-Anders has demonstrated passion for forensics and delivered excellent results in both his Master thesis and in other courses offered at HiG. The master thesis was reviewed and graded by an expert in the field with in-depth knowledge of all theoretical aspects of the thesis. It resulted in a paper that has been submitted to the IFIP 9.11 International Conference on Digital Forensics, and a joint paper based on the project report in the course "Digital Forensics" will be presented at the NISK 2010 conference, professor Slobodan Petrovic emphasized. Anders is now employed as IT security consultant in Accenture.

Anders and Raju call on other students writing their master thesis to start the process early. -Find something of your interest that you want to learn more about.

The prize winners got a diploma, a platter from Gjøvik glass factory and a cheque of 5000 NOK. Gjøvik University College congratulates the winners!

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