Interactive Color Correction in 3 Dimensions


Gjøvik University College,
Morgenlandet AS (PROKOM)

Project supervisors:
Jon Y. Hardeberg,
Ivar Farup

PhD student (depending on funding):
Arne Magnus Bakke

Project outline:

The reproduction of images on different types of equipment is difficult because each printer, monitor etc. has its own set of characteristics that influence the final result. There are several automatic algorithms that adjust an image given the colors that a device is able to display (its color gamut) in order to reduce the undesirable effects the device limitations introduce. We have developed a tool that visualizes the image and device gamuts, thereby enabling the user to make manual corrections to the image. This tool has been the basis of several subprojects and experiments, such as:

  • The development of a new gamut mapping algorithm.
  • The introduction of a novel spectral gamut mapping algorithm.
  • The combination of several projector gamuts into one gamut.

ICC3D is being developed as an application that should meet three primary goals:

  • The application should help students of color science to better understand certain aspects of color management.
  • The user should be able to make manual adjustments to the image.
  • It should be helpful for people who are involved in researching gamut mapping algorithms.

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